Andrew Wayne Adams is a part-time writer and a full-time cockroach. He was born in Ohio but doesn't think this should stop him from exploring the furthest reaches of the Universe. He is the author of Janitor of Planet Anilingus.

Jason Armstrong lives with his family in a town similar to the one in Footloose.  When he isn't writing or watching Toy Story with his son for the millionth time he works on his life-long dream of forming his own religious cult.

David W. Barbee is the author of the novella Carnageland, and the novel, A Town Called Suckhole from Eraserhead Press.

Alan M. Clark has illustrated such authors as Stephen King, George Orwell, Edward Lee, and Ray Bradbury. He is the winner of the World Fantasy Award and four Chelsey Awards. His fiction has been published in numerous anthologies. His book, Boneyard Babies, is a collection of traditional and experimental short fiction. He is also the author of Of Thimble and Threat, and A Parliament of Crows (Lazy Fascist, 2011 and 2012).

Kirk Jones is the author of the New Bizarro Author Series book Uncle Sam's Carnival of Copulating Inanimals and an instructor of the humanities. He has a strong chin.

Len Kuntz is a writer from rural Washington State. His work appears widely in print and online at such places as Mud Luscious, Elimae, Pank and also at

Steve Lowe is a former sports writer and author of Muscle Memory (Eraserhead Press) and Wolves Dressed as Men (Eternal Press).

Martin Goulding has always written weird stories. Next year he hopes to publish a collection, Rebelagwan. He supports obscure icons, dark vegetarian humor, modern spiritual concepts, social weirdness and no rules.

Caris O'Malley is the author of The Egg Said Nothing. He is a prolific and talented book reviewer. 

Tony Rauch is the author of eyeballs growing all over me... again and Laredo.

Quincy Rhoads teaches freshman composition in Clarksville, TN where he lives with his wife and pet hedgehog. His previous work can be found online at THE2NDHAND and in print in The Red Mud Review.

Sam Reeve is a writer and editor at Bizarro Central. She lives in Canada.

Eric Robinson writes weird things out of Bellevue, Nebraska-- the first and oldest settlement in the state. He has had stories published in Dark Sky Magazine and Kek-w Quarterly. Email him whatever the hell you want at and look him up on facebook and chat nonsense with him.

Bradley Sands edits Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens. He wrote It Came from Below the BeltMy Heart Said No, But the Camera Crew Said Yes!,  Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy and Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You.

Kevin Tadge is a filmmaker living in New York with five beta fish and a girl.  His favorite sandwich is chicken salad and he sunburns easily.  His fiction also lives at The Catalonian Review, Kill Author, and other places.

J.W. Wargo is a nomadic bizarro street performer. He reviews books and tells stories of his adventures on his website. He is the author of Avoiding Mortimer.